Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update on Lilly's Dream.

I was wide awake at 5 AM, so I spent most of the morning working on some of this non-profit stuff. Still a long way to go with finishing up all the paperwork and legal stuff, but I'm getting there. I did start a WordPress based website, but I'm still trying to figure WordPress out so that might be a while before it's up and running.

I did get quite a bit done on a Facebook page though. That is still a work in progress as well, but it's showing the most progress....

I'm still working on putting together a community event for October 15th. I should have something posted with details later this week, as well as have it in the local papers.

I should have my sample care package together by the end of next week. Hopefully more of the legal papers and bank stuff will be set up by then. I'm hoping I can get some volunteers together to help make some of the blankets and memory books so that it will help keep the costs down. I'll post more about that later, but if you know anyone that would be interested, send them my way please.

Oh, and my bruises are looking better. I still feel like I've been hit by the plane, but some healing is better than no healing, right?


Natasha said...

The site looks good so far! Good luck with everything!

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