Sunday, September 4, 2011

Days Three and Four.

I didn't post anything about the Muchness Challenge last night because my heart was too heavy from everything that went on at the party.

Although the day ended pretty roughly, it was actually a pretty good day. I was a little disappointed when Bryan didn't want to go to the beach with me. I wanted to pick up Subway for lunch and have a little picnic at the beach, just the two of us. He wanted to eat and take the dog out to the park. So I gave up and went to the dog park instead. We came back early enough for me to have a good nap on the couch, complete with cuddles from the kitty. (Those naps are the best.)

I also finished my new book, What Women Fear, written by the beautiful Angie Smith. I'm not a big fan of religious books, but this one was amazing. It's like sharing big cups of coffee over an early morning conversation with your best girl friend where you pour out your deepest secrets and worries and heartaches, and you are met with an understanding smile and friendly hug.

Today, Day Four, I started turning our spare bedroom into a studio, of sorts. The extra bed is staying in there, so that it can be used when needed. But my guitar, my paint stuff, my drawing pads, all my fun creative stuff is getting organized and set up in there so that I can get to it more easily than the storage bins it's been stuffed in for the past few years. Bryan has had his eye on a nice older desk that he wants to turn into a computer desk for the desktop he wants to get me. My laptop is on its last leg, and he wants to get something that will be better for my photography and stuff. That will eventually go in there too.

Today we found a nice dresser and hutch at a local thrift store that is sorta the starting point for organizing all the paints and stuff. While we were picking it up, I spotted an old dusty box that was buried under a pile of stuff in the corner.

It's an old model of my ship. (Yes, it's my ship. I was stationed on it, so that makes it mine. Bryan makes fun of me for saying it like that.) All the pieces are there. The guy even gave me a box full of brushes and paints for it, just to get rid of it. I realized how nerdy I am when I was telling Bryan how excited I was to get home and tear into it and see how historically accurate (or inaccurate) it is. The only thing I don't like is that the sails are pieces of plastic. I'm gonna see if I can find some fabric that I can make sails with instead. I can't wait.

I have some big, exciting news about a big project coming up, but I'll save that for another day.


Adrienne said...

Did Angie Smith also write an amazing book about her journey carrying her baby to full term knowing she would loose her? I have a dear friend who read her book, and loved it's inspiring story of hope and healing.

αуℓα said...

i love thrift store finds :] glad to hear you're setting up a permanent little spot for unleashing your creative self :]

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