Friday, June 10, 2011

Nap time.

I work Mids, so on a good day, I get home around 8 AM. Most of my afternoon is spent like this. It has become quite the family event. :-)

This morning when I got home, I couldn't sleep. The perfect way to spend a sleepless morning? Blasting Eric Church on my iPod, singing loudly and dancing clumsily around in a hot shower. Ideally, this perfect way would not include the nasty fall from stepping on slimy conditioner. That hurt pretty bad. 

Naturally, I followed up a bad fall with more dancing and singing as I got dressed. And stabbed myself in the eye with my mascara. Note to self: not a good idea to dance while putting on mascara. 

Tomorrow is our Rock and Walk down in Tacoma with The Tears Foundation. It's gonna be fun. And emotional. And nothing short of amazing. But I'm nervous. I don't even hafta do anything but show up. 

I want to work out my nervousness with a good drive through the mountains. A random road trip to anywhere with caffeine and a camera. And then back home to pass out for the rest of the day with my critters.

Erica, a fellow BLM, is releasing her new book, Good Grief!, tomorrow. Tomorrow is her baby girl's birthday. The day that forever changed the rest of her life. If you have a few minutes, send her some love this weekend. I'm sure she could use it. :-)


Seraphine said...

i love the banner header on your page, with the hearts and the stitching. i don't know if you designed it or if it is a template, but it fits your blog perfectly.
i like to go for 'random' drives too. i love finding loal coffee shops, churches, cemetaries, antique stores, abandoned buildings and places to hike. it cleanses the soul. i'm not sure what it is i am looking for, but i usually know when i find it.

Nika M. said...

Actually, Franchesca at Small Bird Studios put my header together for me. I found the collection of hearts like that online somewhere for her to use. :-)

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