Monday, May 16, 2011


Today is definitely Monday, and I'm feeling it in every inch of my being. I don't like Mondays. Just something about dragging myself outta bed at 5 AM to deal with people I don't like and planes I don't wanna fix. Monday just seems to come so much earlier than I like it to.

I guess most of us hate Mondays though, right?

This Monday did come with great news.

One of my photos was published as Photo of the Day for our local newspaper. Nothing big or special, but exciting, nonetheless. I'm still fairly new to this photography thing, so any kinda exposure is good in my book. :-)

This Monday also marks Day 6 of my challenge with our CMC.

One of my required qualifications with my job is my Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist pin. Basically, the Navy gives me 30 months to complete a series of 2 very thorough courses covering almost every aspect of the Aviation community and my specific platform, the P-3 Orion. Knowing that I'm stubborn and very hard charging, Master Chief challenged me to complete it in just under 2 months.

I'm 6 days in. 49 days left to go. 600 index cards down, 17 chapters and another 350 page course left to go. (I'm estimating about 1400 or so index cards by the end of it.)

I'm too stubborn to give up. I hope my poor fingers can make it.


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