Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Things Tuesday.

I like lists. I also like Tuesdays.

I'm not sure why I like lists. Sometimes I will even write a to-do list of things and include something I've already completed, just for the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. Does that make me weird? haha

I will probably start posting a list every Tuesday....if I remember.

Since I like lists and Tuesdays, let's make this week's list about 10 things I like.

1. Horses. Big ones. Little ones. Fat ones. Ugly ones. It doesn't matter. I love them. 

2. I love kayaking. Unless there are gators. Like the ones at Mobile Bay, where this photo was taken. That entire day kayak trip turned into a 25 minute waste of $90.

3. Old paintings. Like this one from around the 1940s that I found at a yard sale for $20. On a cool side note, that ship is still "active" and I was stationed on it when I found the painting. Our museum staff had a copy of the painting too, but they paid a couple hundred for theirs.

4. Get Fuzzy. This is my absolute most favorite comic strip in the universe. If my cat and dog could talk, they would sound just like these guys. haha

5. Fish. And fish tanks. In this picture, my then-husband didn't want to get fish after I got so excited about getting the water set up correctly in the tank. So I made these guys and they stayed there until I got my real fish. (Which was about 4 days. I finally won when I named each of them.)
6. Live music. Of almost any kind. Especially when the people are as fun as this guy.
7. Taking pictures of random beach findings. It's a new treasure adventure every time. But then again, I just like taking pictures in general. 
8. Flowers. Trees. Grass. If it's green or colorful and grows and smells pretty, I like it. All of it. Lilies and gardenias are my favorites though. 

9. Traveling. Especially road trips. Especially with my dad. That guy is sooo funny. On our trip to WA, I taught him how to use my digital camera. (He was afraid of it because he says it's fancy. haha) When he realized he could take all the pictures he wanted, he was like a kid in a candy store.

10. Books. Especially history books, if you can't tell. The best thing I ever learned to do was read.

What are some things that you like?


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