Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beginning.

I am here because I am broken.

I write because it helps to release some of the pain.

I share because I want the world to know.

On July 14, 2010 and April 5, 2011, my beautiful babies left this world to be with Jesus. Each of them took a piece of my heart with them.

I broke my favorite cookie jar when I was younger. I tried like hell to glue it back together and make it whole again, but some of the pieces couldn't be put back in there. It held together and it looked fine, but it was never whole again. Trying to piece together my broken heart is much like trying to piece together that cookie jar. There are pieces missing that can never be replaced, and it can never be the same again. It can never be whole.

But even with these missing pieces, my heart does still beat. And my life will go on. I'm learning to deal with the pain. I'm learning to be happy again. And one day, when I reach the gates of Heaven, I will see my babies again. That day, my heart will become whole again.

Until then, I will share my journey with you.


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