Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bed rest.

I don't think I've posted this frequently in...well...probably ever. It feels a little weird. haha. But since there are so many of you praying and following the twists and turns of this pregnancy, I figured I should update again.

I don't remember if I mentioned it in a previous post, but the rest of my prenatal visits are set up with the Dept Head of the OB clinic. It's not the civilian care I wanted, but so far this doc has been wonderful.

I saw her again yesterday at 30 weeks. Little guy is doing awesome, but my cervix is funneling. It has been shortening a lot the past two months or so, but none of the other docs wanted to do anything because "there's still enough." A week and a half ago, it was 3.25. Yesterday, the funneling had opened it up quite a bit and the length was just barely over 2. Little guy is also head down and has dropped a bit. So now I'm on bed rest. At my next visit, she will re-evaluate the cervix. If it looks like it's stabilized, I will probably stay on bed rest but can possibly get out and move around some more. If it's not, I will probably go on hospital bed rest soon.

Doc is hoping to keep him in there for at least 5 more weeks. I honestly don't think that will happen, but I'm still hoping. The longer, the better, right?

These guys seem to be loving this bed rest stuff. They both have to sniff me when they get on the bed before they will lay down, and they will rarely leave my side. At least I'm in good company. :-)

We knew from the beginning that this pregnancy most likely wouldn't go full term. I prepared myself for the possibility of losing another baby. I also made sure to prepare myself for stuff like bed rest, preterm birth, and NICU stays. I don't think one is ever truly prepared for anything that goes wrong in pregnancy, but I at least feel a little better knowing the possibilities, knowing what kinds of questions to ask, and knowing what other people have done in these situations.

I am surprised at how calm I am through all of this. (For now, at least.) I'm so thankful to have the little one stick around this long, so I don't know what else to be other than calm. I just wish everyone else would try to be a bit more calm. I can't stand hysterical and over dramatic calls/texts/emails, especially from people that haven't been particularly supportive in the first place. I'm actually glad I live so far away from everyone so that I don't have to deal with them in person. Someone would get punched.

I'm working on getting our hospital bag together this week. I've got a pretty good idea of most of the things I should have. Knowing that some hospital bed rest and a NICU stay are very possible, what are some things yall would suggest making sure I have? Or things I should probably expect during the stay? (I know some of you have been through this, so I really value your input. All those hospital bag lists on Pinterest aren't really doing it for me.)

I'll try to do a post with some pictures soon. 


kerwin said...

Things I am glad others recommended are cheap flip flops, a robe, your own pillow and maybe a blanket, and a boppy if you plan on trying to breast feed. If you might go early, I would get a pumping bra so you can pump hands free (again, only if you want to breast feed). Oh, and there aren't toiletries there so you need to bring that stuff.

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