Sunday, July 8, 2012


I don't feel like writing tonight, but I said I would share some pictures soon.

Most of them are of the bedroom and crib. And a couple belly shots.

I really need to put up curtains.

Close up of the new bed set. (FYI: a great way to piss off a pregnant woman is to tell her that wrinkles in the sheets don't matter. I could choke a person over wrinkles in my sheets.)

Flowers on the dresser. And Brake's urn.

Crib and book shelf.

I think this is my most favorite blanket ever. From bankiebaby..

I wanted a somewhat subtle way to incorporate some birds. I love how it turned out.  From SimpleShapes.

Close up of the collage seen in the first picture.


More books.

Bryan threw a childish fit over this damn thing and had me crying in the middle of Walmart. I hate pregnancy hormones.

There is a matching quilt for this, but it was expensive and I'm a tightwad.

Bed rest is a family event now.

I apologize for a bra shot, but I have zero motivation to wear clothes. (31 weeks, by the way.)

The slight bulge on the right is little guy's butt.

More books. Amazon and are my best friends during bed rest.

Football stuff from his Uncle Daniel.
The hydrangea bush that lasted until January is in full bloom again. (This thing is in a lot of posts.)

I'm having some maternity pictures done soon, if little guy stays put long enough. Just waiting on my dress to come in. Maybe by then I'll be out of this weird mood.


Sarah said...

I love these photos. I am getting the same wall mural for this baby- he/she will be going in our dressing room, and it's too tiny to do a lot of decorating with. I also love that there's a Beatrix Potter book on the shelf. <3

I am so excited that you have so little time left before your sweet baby boy is here. I am so looking forward to seeing photos of him!

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